16 - 19 FEB | 2018

About Us

TED Bursa College was established by the Foundation in 2001. Since the day it was established, TED Bursa College has been seeking to create a challenging, learning environment that encourages high expectations for success and has been providing a nurturing environment where academic and personal excellence can be achieved. TED Bursa College promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Today TED Bursa College is a continually developing family. 

TED Bursa College is built in 27.000 meter square area, which is adjacent to 3-hectare oak tree forest. The classes have (average) 24 students. The campus has: 
Kindergarte, Primary School, High School. It also includes covered swimming pool (Its cover can be opened), a sports hall which has a fitness center, race track, balet room, gymnasium, basketball-volleyball court, cafeteria, football court with artificial grass, and a parking lot. 

About Bursa

Bursa is the fourth city with the largest population. It is known for it’s true nature and historical values which is mainly about Ottoman Empire which had Bursa as the first capital city. It is also the second biggest city in Marmara region so it would be right to say Bursa takes attention of the tourists with all the fine art and touristic places it can offer. Bursa will be glad to have you company. 

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09.00 11.00            Application

11.00 11.20            Introductory Workshop at the Auditorium

11.20- 12.15             Workshops

12.15 13.00            Lunch

13.00 14.30            Opening Ceremony

14.45 16.30             Committee Session 1

16.30 16.50             Break 1

16.50 18.35            Committee Session 2

19.30 22.00            Welcoming Dinner




09.00 10.45            Committee Session 3

10.45 11.05            Break 2

11.05 12.50            Committee Session 4

12.50 13.50            Lunch

13.50 15.35            Committee Session 5

15.35 15.55            Break 3

15.55 17.30            Committee Session 6




09.00 10.45            Committee Session 7

10.45 11.05            Break 4

11.05 12.50            Committee Session 8

12.50 13.50            Lunch

13.50 15.35            Committee Session 9

15.35 15.55            Break 5

15.55 17.30            Committee Session 10

19.30 23.00             Party Night




09.00 10.45             General Assembly Session 1 & Special Committee Session 11

10.45 11.05             Break 6

11.05 12.50             General Assembly Session 2 & Special Committee Session 12

12.50 13.50             Lunch

13.50 15.30             Awards & Closing Ceremony

15.30 16.00             Getting to buses



Theme Letter

Theme Letter From Secretary General of Content

Counteraction through collaboration

Dear guests, honourable chairs, esteem advisors and most importantly delegates. We genially invite you to participate in the first MUNBT conference of ours between 16 and 19 February 2018.

MUN has been a huge milestone to its participants through the world with its contribution of redound the skill of talking in front of public, leading masses with ideas and essentially collaboration. Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common work purpose. The definition of collaboration by the means of MUN should be enabling delegates to debate together to solve crucial problems of the world by listening every voice and every counterargument.  Thus, having collaboration generates a democratic environment where every voice is heard and where the best resolutions are created. That particular democratic environment allows every country to act upon issues without noticing race, culture, and language. Counteraction through collaboration is needed to act upon common enemies or threats of human beings, not individual countries. On the other hand, collaboration between every organization is essential for the UN. Currently there are 15 specialized agencies under UN and they are all working collaboratively and parallel to UN in order to counteract to world issues.  

Former Secretary General of UN Kofi Annan once said, “More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that, my friends, is why we have the United Nations.”


                                                                                                Uygar Eğilmez

                                                                           Secretary General of Content

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We believe in having a query-free, accessible and a considerable experience with you all.

For more details and information, queries and inquiry please get in touch with us through:

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Phone Number : (0224) 549 21 00

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As the Secretary General of Organisation of Model United Nations Bursa TED 2018, I represent a  huge welcome from MUNBT’18, the very first session of MUNBT, to all our participants as delegates, chairs and advisors. TED Bursa takes the privilege to host such a beautiful organisation in the beautiful city of Bursa.   I will put my most effort to describe our feelings for the event we are constructing to our beloved participants.           The dream and the wish of a MUN conference to be held in our conference at first was just like the meaning it expressed, a dream, a wish. Deeply in our organisation crew’s hearts we kept this wish to, maybe, triumph and act to grant it. By improving our MUN club here in TED Bursa, we learned together and worked together what it takes to hold a conference. One day we sparkled with the idea of creating our own conference here in our school. The idea flowed like water amongst our club members, filling them all with excitement and pleasure. After we put all our thoughts together, we named our conference MUNBT and followed on step by step to our present day.           Our crew is most assuredly carries what it costs to embrace a conference and perfect it in the best way possible. Hence it will be our pleasure and privilege to invite you all to our very first session of Model United Nations Bursa TED, being kept between the 16th – 19th of February, 2018. We are ready for you to experience a fascinating, educating, collaborating conference presented by our well-prepared organisation crew, advisors and members.                                                Ata Berk Aycan                            Secretary General of Organisation


To Apply into MUNBT'18, you (if you're applying as an individual delegate, a chair or a press member) or your advisor (if you're applying as a school) have to fill these forms below and then send them AS A PDF FOLDER to this e-mail:

MUNBT’18 School Applications
MUNBT'18 Chair Applications
MUNBT'18 Individual Application
MUNBT'18 Press Applications





Participating in the conference as a delegate, chair, advisor or a press member costs 290 TL    260 TL!







NOTE: Please state your position and your name both on the name of your word document and the subject of your e-mail.

Example: Chair (your wanted position), MUNBT (your name) 



Bank Account Details:

Garanti Bankası

Organize Sanayi Şb. (454)

Hs. No: 6290000

IBAN: TR09 0006 2000 4540 0006 2900 00

Ünvan: 21. Yüzyıl Özel Eğitim Hizmetleri A.Ş.



Our accommodation services will be taken care of by


Accommodation fees for one night:

Single Room – 175 TL

Double Room – 250 TL

Triple Room – 325 TL


For any other concerns, reach out for the website: